What is it?

All of the material found on is free to watch and download and you do not need an Offline Drive to access it.  However, sometimes you don't have internet access. That is where the BibleTalk Offline Drive comes in. BibleTalk Offline is simply a USB hard drive pre-loaded with all of our material on it.

Offline Drive - Basic

This is a standard Toshiba USB 1TB hard drive. Perfect for the office, home or stationed in the sound booth.
Order - $100 USD

Includes free shipping to anywhere in the world.
It will be loaded with all the current material available our website at the time your order has been placed. All formats contain the same material.

What's on the drive?

The drive contains all the media we have for every item on our site. The potential files include the 1080p version of the video, MP3 audio file, PowerPoints, Lesson Notes, Discussion Questions, eBooks and/or Audiobook.

How can I use it?

USB drives are very versatile. The most common usage would be on your computer, however, some projectors and TVs have USB media playback capabilities. This means you can plug the drive into the device and play the videos directly on the device without any extra equipment.
Media devices available on /

Can I just download the content?

Yes! Look for the "Download" buttons on each series or lesson. The Zip option contains everything (Video, Audio, PowerPoints, Lesson Notes, eBooks, etc.) or you can download just the Lesson Notes or PowerPoint slides.

Note: Some of the zip files are over 4GB in size. If you are on a Windows computer, you may need a different program such as 7zip to extract larger zip files.