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Honor to Whom it is Due

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Many years ago I took a trip in one of our church vans. When the weather suddenly changed and it began to rain so hard that the windshield wipers couldn't keep up. It was about 10 p.m. and I was riding in the church van with a brother from our church. We were returning home from some function and were now caught in a terrible rainstorm.

The driver was carefully watching for a flooded road ahead and all of us were amazed at the power of the rain that fell on us in torrents.

As we followed the twisting road I remarked to the others how glad I was that Larry, one of our deacons, had changed the tires, fixed the shocks and checked the brakes on the van just weeks before our dangerous ride home.

At the time, nobody noticed or made much of Larry's quiet service of keeping the van up and running. But that dark and slippery night, we were all thankful that this good Christian man was faithful in doing his job.

There are a lot of brothers and sisters like this saint. They do their job without fussing. They rarely complain or try to get their "say". But all of us, at one time or another benefit from these brethren who just get things done day in and day out.

Thanks to all the Larry's in the church who one way or another help bring all of us safely home.

Discussion Questions

  1. Describe the person at your work, church or school who is an "unsung hero."
  2. What, in your opinion, is the secret to serving effectively and quietly?
  3. On a scale of 0 (I want all the credit for all I do) to 10 (my sole motivation is to honor God by serving others) where do you fit?
    • What would you need to do in order to move forward 1 digit? 3 digits?
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