If you would like to use BibleTalk.tv material on your website, app or other platform, please use the following APIs to connect.

Basically, add .json to the end of the URI to retrieve data for that section.

There are three main types of data available: list views, detail and search.

1. List Data

List views contain an array of minified objects that have all string attributes. Here are current list views available.

This is what the content object in a list view looks like. There are are few attributes to consider.

Content Object (min)

"tag": "",
"slug": "",
"title": "",
"subtitle": "",
"excerpt": "",
"hex": "",
"image": "",
"lang": "",
"json": ""


The tag is a combination of one letter plus the ID associated in our database. Here are the types.

  • i – Items
    • Sermons (type_id: 1)
    • Class (type_id: 2)
    • Devos (type_id: 3)
    • Articles (type_id: 4)
    • Church 101 (type_id: 5)
    • Help Guides (type_id: 6)
  • s – Series
  • t – Topics (Sermons, Devos and Church 101)
  • p – Podcasts
  • w – Student Workbooks
  • g – Teacher's Guides
  • b – Books
  • a – Audiobooks
  • c – Collections

2. Detail Data

This data includes all the attributes for individual objects. Tapping these links will show you an example of each data type.

3. Search Data

You can also create a search for content. It will return the objects in their minified state. Here is the url to access.




Pages in Development

These pages have not been created in .json yet:

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