Study Plans

BibleTalk Study Plans each contains at least one year's worth of weekly Bible class material. The plans are composed of several different topical and textual video Bible series each having a various number of full-length classes of approximately 30 minutes and designed for both the beginner as well as the advanced Bible student.
10 plans
The “Beginners” plan leads non-Christians or newly baptized believers through 4 studies that will ground them in the faith and answer the usual questions about Christianity asked at this stage of spiritual development. Study plan #1 is also useful for “Back to Basics” or refresher courses for believers who are at various maturity levels.
The Old Testament Foundation plan is a complete line by line study of Genesis where students will be grounded in the Bible’s teaching on literal creation and the unfolding of God’s plan of salvation using the Jewish nation as the cultural vehicle to bring Jesus into the history of mankind. Several other lessons are provided to complete the year’s plan of study.
The “Knowledge” series provides the theological base for the main beliefs of Biblical Christianity presented in an easy to understand teaching style. This is augmented with studies in I & II Thessalonians that serve as a basis for one of the doctrines (the Second Coming), as well as material on the practical application of doctrine in the Christian’s everyday life.
The "Lord Jesus" plan immerses the student into the person of Jesus: His exalted position; the focus of His teaching; His theological significance; His significance in the Christian's daily life and His Godly character.
The first “Church and Family” study plan describes the Biblical approach to establishing, growing and maintaining both a healthy and productive church as well as a loving and satisfying marriage.
The second “Church and Family” study plan will concentrate on the various challenges faced by both churches and marriages and what the Bible teaches in meeting, overcoming and even achieving success in church function as well as marriage relationships.
As the title suggests, the focus of this plan is the message and outworking of the gospel in the believer’s heart. This series will emphasize Jesus’ own preaching as well as the fulfillment of His message in His crucifixion and resurrection. Students will also grow in their understanding of the major impetus and product of Jesus’ gospel which is the manifestation and influence of God’s grace in their Christian lives.
This plan has a variety of topics which attempt to demonstrate different facets of the “spiritual” life including kingdom thinking, dealing with personal sin, words and images to use in praise and how believers deal with trouble and troublemakers in the church.
This study plan is recommended for the more serious minded and well-grounded Bible student who can think and research independently.
The book-work plan provides various series that can be added to supplement existing series or topics (for example: I & II Corinthians to the plan on church and family to expand teaching on different issues in local church work; or Ephesians to the gospel study plan in order to expand the student’s understanding of God's overall plan in sending Jesus). These series can also be assigned as base resources for the students to use in developing their own teaching lessons on these books and topics.