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Thank you Pastor Mike...You were a major mentor for me and a great Expositor of the Bible...Happy to share with you I was baptized by immersion last year at age 57...I am working daily in my sanctification and am most grateful for your guidance...God bless you!!
I want to thank you for Bible Talk TV. I Have obeyed the Gospel 13 years ago but had strayed.  Since I lost my job this Ministry has helped me tremendously.  I was looking for a worship service on the internet and found you and Bible Talk TV. I have grown so much in studying your videos. I especially like the one on sharing your faith with others. Thanks again and have a very blessed day
Dear Brethren,
A blessed day, I don't know how or where to address about my inquiry. I've been studying Mike Mazzalongo books and lectures and I find it very helpful in my growth of faith. I'm asking permission if I could use this tools to share my faith as guide lines in all my Gospel sharing, I have been searching for a proper theology and my mentor the Holy Spirit leads me with clear understanding of all Mike Mazzalongo teaching.
Thank you kindly and may the Lord God continue to bless you.
I've been watching bible series from Mike Mazzalongo on TV. I was wondering if there were a Church of Christ out in the SF Bay Area. If possible could I be connected to someone I could attend a house church or online church service.
What an incredible blessing. I was looking for something to engage in, class wise, and God sent me a buffet. I am so grateful for people, like Mike, who are well studied and have a way of teaching something very complex that keeps you engaged and looking forward to the next session. Thank you so very much!