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A 1,000 Choices Along the Way

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As Christians, we eventually learn that there are always choices to make if you want to follow God's way. A thousand little decisions: to hold your tongue, to avoid certain websites, to make an effort. In the end, our choices become the daily spiritual exercises that shape our Christian character and measure our development, or lack of it. With time, they become predictable not only in their presence but in their nature as well. For those who follow the Way, the choices are always:

1. Difficult

Self-denial, purity, humility, faith are other words for "narrow." The narrow way is difficult, that is why Jesus said that few find it and fewer still travel it.

2. Demanding

Jesus was asked to choose at the worst of times – when He was hungry in the desert and when He was in anguish in the garden. It seems unfair, but the tough choices appear when we are least equipped to deal with them. However, courage is validated on the battlefield not in the barracks. The test of our resolve to follow Christ is confirmed when the choice to remain faithful is demanded of us while we struggle not while we stroll along.

3. Defining

God uses man's free will as the tool to create the character of Christ in him. All the choices are one – are we Christ-like, or not?

One feature of heavenly life that is rarely mentioned is the fact that there will no longer be any choices to make because the choices we make here will be fulfilled there. As Christians we need to choose wisely now, because eternity will be a long time to experience regret.

Discussion Questions

  1. Share one of the most difficult decisions that you've had to make as a Christian. How did this decision impact your life as a believer?
  2. Do you have a regular process in making important decisions, and if so what steps do you follow? Why?
  3. What type of worldly behavior is hardest for you to give up? Why?
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