Daniel/Revelation for Beginners

This series explains in simple terms the relationship between these two books of the Bible. Each book will be reviewed to better understand the meaning of the symbolic language used in both and the message that the writers were communicating to their readers as well as a modern application for today's Christian.
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1. Setting the Stage for Daniel/Revelation
  Prime   29m
2. Daniel in Babylon
  Prime   41m
3. Four Episodes in Daniel's Life
  Prime   40m
4. Four Visions of Daniel's Prophecies
  Prime   39m
5. Vision Within a Vision
  Prime   47m
6. Introduction to the Book of Revelation
  Prime   41m
7. Interpretations of Revelation
  Prime   39m
8. John's Visions
  Prime   40m
9. The Main Story
  Prime   35m
10. The Main Story
  Prime   36m
11. The Main Story
  Prime   42m
12. The Main Story
  Prime   44m