I Timothy for Beginners

The two letters that the Apostle Paul wrote to the young evangelist, Timothy, provided him with clear instructions for the divinely ordained way the church of the New Testament was to organize and function not only in the first century but throughout history to this day and beyond.
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1. Introduction to I Timothy
  Prime   36m
2. Paul's Charge to Timothy
  Prime   31m
3. Paul's Personal Witness
  Prime   34m
4. Paul's Instructions on Prayer and the Role of Men and Women in the Church
  Prime   52m
5. The Role, Work and Qualifications of Elders
  Prime   45m
6. Elders, Deacons and the Church
  Prime   38m
7. Elders, Deacons and the Church
  Prime   36m
8. The Reason for Paul's Letter to Timothy
  Prime   32m
9. The Minister and His Ministry
  Prime   38m
10. The Care of Widows
  Prime   27m
11. Disciplining Leaders
  Prime   24m
12. Paul's Teaching on Slavery
  Prime   28m
13. Paul's Final Instructions to the Church and Timothy
  Prime   33m