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Numbers / Deuteronomy for Beginners

Faithfulness in the Face of Challenge

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The books of Numbers and Deuteronomy are natural companions and profitable for a study together since they both provide information about the observation of laws and rituals as well as detailed information about the Jewish peoples' 40 years in the wilderness.
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1. Introduction
In this first lesson Mike will introduce the fourth and fifth books of the Pentateuch and examine their main characteristics as well as their similarities and differences.
2. Preparing to Depart
This lesson reviews the instructions God gave the Israelites concerning a census, the order for camps, travel and the responsibilities of both the priests and Levites.
Numbers 1-4
3. From Sinai to Kadesh
The title of this lesson mentions the place where Israel left after camping for a year (Sinai) and the locale (Kadesh in the wilderness of Paran) where many events that shaped their lives occurred. This lesson reviews several of these experiences.
Numbers 5-12
4. Rebellion and Leadership
This lesson covers the principle events from the spies mission in surveying the Promised Land to the deaths of Miriam and Aaron as the Israelites near the end of their wilderness wanderings.
Numbers 13-20
5. Journey to the Plains of Moab
These chapters highlight the various events that prepare the second generation of Jewish people for their entry into the Promised Land after 40 years in the wilderness.
Numbers 21-27
6. Preparing to Enter the Promised Land
In the final lesson for the Book of Numbers, Mike details the various preparations made by the Jewish people before finally entering the Promised Land.
Numbers 28-36
7. Introduction to Deuteronomy
Reiteration and Reminder
In this introductory lesson, Mike will examine both the differences and similarities of Numbers and Deuteronomy, review the main events of these opening chapters and provide main lessons from this material for both the Jews it was first written for as well as modern Christians who read this material today.
Deuteronomy 1-4
8. The Essence of the Law
These chapters cover Moses' review of the commandments and the covenant between God and the Jewish people as they are poised to enter, conquer, and settle the land promised to their forefathers Abraham, Issac and Jacob.
Deuteronomy 5-11
9. Detailed Laws for Living
Mike reviews the 18 different laws Moses refers to in this section with special emphasis on key ordinances as well as lesser known rules for living explained by the Jewish leaders nearing the end of his life.
Deuteronomy 12-26
10. Renewal of the Covenant and Moses' Final Days
In this final lesson, Mike summarizes the final eight chapters of Deuteronomy while highlighting the major differences between this last section and the first section of the book from chapter 1 to 26. In addition to this there is commentary about the extensive use of poetry and the final application lessons drawn from three different perspectives to complete the series.
Deuteronomy 27-34