Understanding and Obeying the 10 Commandments

This series reviews the purpose and meaning of the 10 Commandments as they were originally given to the Jews under Moses, along with their spiritual value and proper function in the modern Christian's life.
 12  1080p Small Group Discussion Series
1. The Commandments in the 21st Century
  Prime   15m
2. God First and Only
  Prime   15m
3. Idol and Likeness
  Prime   18m
4. The Holy Name
  Prime   22m
5. The Sabbath Rest
  Prime   21m
6. The Command with a Promise
  Prime   14m
7. The Sanctity of Life
  Prime   15m
8. The Problem of Abortion
  Prime   18m
9. God's Plan for Sexual Fulfillment
  Prime   15m
10. Taking without Permission
  Prime   17m
11. Truth Equals Integrity
  Prime   18m
12. The Desire for What is Forbidden
  Prime   15m