Ephesians for Beginners

Paul's most eloquent teaching on God's plan of salvation and life in the body of Christ. A great textual study for those who want to go "deep" into God's word.
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1. Introduction to Ephesians
  Prime   37m
2. Review of Re-Baptism
  Prime   32m
3. The City and Church of Ephesus
  Prime   34m
4. All Spiritual Blessings in Christ
  Prime   37m
5. Past-Present-Future of the Church
  Prime   38m
6. The Basis for Unity in the Church
  Prime   33m
7. God's Blessing to the Gentiles
  Prime   39m
8. Unity of the Church
  Prime   35m
9. The Response of Righteousness
  Prime   36m
10. True Piety
  Prime   32m
11. An Ordered Life
  Prime   34m
12. Faithfulness
  Prime   32m