Let's be on Time

Punctuality is a common problem in churches. In this lesson, Mike looks at the question, why is being on time for worship services a problem?
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Good morning, I'm Mike Mazzalongo with BibleTalk.tv. Today, I want to briefly touch on the subject of punctuality.

This issue is a common problem in churches. Many members are often late for worship, and it seems that if we were to close our doors at 10 o'clock, half the assembly would be in the auditorium and the other half would still be arriving. Since it is a common problem, let us ask ourselves the question, "Why is being on time for worship services a problem?"

My suspicion is that the regular late-comer has a priority problem. Do we normally permit our children to be late for school? Are we usually late for a concert or a show? What to think of a fiancé that would be late to his wedding? What does the boss think when an employee is in the habit of being late to work? Here's what I mean: We are on time for what is important to us! What about the invitation to a feast by the very King of the universe?

Here's what I think: Being on time costs us something. Being on time costs us a disciplined mindset that considers the well-being of Christ's body's; and sees the spiritual edification of self as well as that of brothers and sisters in Christ as vitally important.

2500 years ago, David said,

I will not ... sacrifice a burnt offering that costs me nothing.
- I Chronicles 21:24

Therefore, it takes a special effort to be well rested on Sunday morning and to be on time for worship. The question is, like David, are we ready to pay the price?

On that note, I pray that you have a blessed week and remember to plan carefully for the next Lord's day.

Discussion Questions

  1. Give the main reason for your punctuality/lack of punctuality. Where does this come from?
  2. Describe 3 advantages of being on time or disadvantages of being late for worship.
  3. What, in your opinion, is the best way to teach young people how to be punctual. Have you taught this? Yes - results. No - why not?