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Wednesday Night: What's in it for me?

The Wednesday night service is as inconvenient a habit as you can have. You have to rush home from work and rush through supper or delay supper until late.
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The Wednesday night service and Bible study at the church building is as inconvenient a habit as you can have. You have to rush home from work and rush through supper or delay supper until late. It plays havoc with sports schedules, hard to tell the coach you cannot make Wednesday night games or practice. If you have kids, it means organizing them when they are tired and getting them to sleep past their bed-times. There are probably other drawbacks if you think about it but suffice to say that Wednesday night service is no picnic to attend on a regular basis.

But if you do make the effort, here are some of the benefits that you will receive.

1. You get off the merry-go-round.

One thing about church, it's unlike anything else you experience. When you come to church you know, unlike the other places you might be, that you are absolutely welcome and people are genuinely glad that you are here (and not because you may buy something). The objective here is to do good, think good, speak good and so there is no fear of ugliness, violence, or sexual impurity.

When you leave you are usually better off than when you came: you have learned something; you got a hug or a smile; you made some important decisions.

The world pushes you to perform at a dizzying pace and for a moment on Wednesday night the focus is not on performance or perfection but on people and peace.

2. You receive Spiritual nourishment.

No one would think of going more than a day or two without food and water. The body would not be able to function, fight disease, etc. The spirit needs spiritual food also in order to remain strong, healthy, productive in keeping a person able to serve, able to resist sin, able to continue to believe so that they can remain united to Jesus. Our faith is our lifeline to Jesus and the Word is what keeps that strong and secure.

It's not just "being here" or "punching in" that is important. It is what we do here that is important.

Some ask, "Is it necessary to go to Wednesday services?" No it is not a command of God. But staying faithful is a command of God and the spiritual exercises we do on Wednesday evening contribute immensely to remaining strong and vital.

I believe that there is a relationship between strong faith, strong marriages, dynamic Christian living and regular attendance on Wednesday. I rarely see one without the other.

3. You get a chance to change.

There is no one in your daily routine (boss, teacher, co-worker, government official or internet star) who will explain and encourage you to draw closer to God, to believe in Jesus, to lay your life down for the Lord. But every Wednesday night, you are given a chance to make a new start because you can be sure that when you come here, you will be encouraged to save your soul and receive forgiveness by repenting and being baptized. You will be asked to return to God and renew your Christian commitment if you have fallen away. You will be offered the prayers of the church if you are sick or struggling with problems. You will be invited to join our congregation by placing membership.

There is a lot in it for you every Wednesday night so come regularly!

Discussion Questions

  1. When did you start attending a mid-week service at your church? Why?
  2. Name one blessing you have received as a result of attending a mid-week service.
  3. If you or a Christian you know doesn't attend mid-week service, describe the reason why not. Describe what would need to change in order to begin regular attendance.
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