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Prayer and Fasting
The spiritual use, benefits, and practice of the combined spiritual disciplines of prayer and fasting are examined within a biblical context.
My Election Prayer
I praise you and thank you for the blessing of living in a nation that is so prosperous and at relative peace with its neighbors and itself.
A Father's Prayer
My Retirement Prayer
I have finally found a worthy goal for my old age. Ever since I've turned fifty, two years ago, my mailbox has been inundated with "senior" advertising. Everything from time-shares in Florida to brochures for Winnebago rentals.
Facts About Prayer
Here are a few commonly asked questions regarding the act of praying.
Effective Prayer
Drawing Near to God
Part 2
As Christians we have many challenges before us. Prayer and fasting is the best way we can present these before God.
James 4:8-10
Jesus Loves Tiger Woods
I prayed for Tiger Woods today. From now on he will be referred to by the media as "disgraced golfer" Tiger Woods... a heavy burden to carry at such a young age, hence my prayer on his behalf.
Deny Sin, Not Self
In Colossians 2:20-23, Paul teaches that the denial of the flesh does not necessarily decrease the power nor the attraction of the flesh.
Jesus Doesn't do Funerals
Soft Rebellion
There are no new arguments in the effort to expand women's role in the church to include those tasks that have traditionally been given to men. Some women want to lead prayer as well as teach and preach in public assemblies and find sup...
Forever Praise
Psalm 111