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Small Group Exercise

For those who are using this book or the video version as a resource for a small group, this added section contains an exercise that can stimulate discussion.
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Listed below are questions that have been submitted to me when this series was presented in person. Print one or two of these questions on separate 3x5 cards. You should end up with several cards, each with different questions taken from the list (make up your own questions if they are not found on the list).

Next, divide up your group into smaller discussion groups (five people max). Give each small group a card and instruct them to discuss and write down on the cards the various answers and solutions that they have come up with in response to the questions on their cards.

Finish with feedback from each small group to all in attendance on how they answered the questions.

Assign someone to collect the finished cards and type up all the questions and answers for general distribution at the next gathering.

Discussion Questions

  • When and how should we tell small children about death (family member, friend, etc.)?
  • Children who grow up in the church tend to be bored and lukewarm about church, praying, singing, etc. Do you make them "go through the motions" (i.e. close eyes, sing songs, etc.)? Does that make them legalists, keeping in mind how discouraging it is for visitors, especially other kid/teen visitors?
  • How do you deal with this situation in sports: Your kids are mad about hockey, soccer and are on traveling teams that are expected to be at weekend (including Sunday) games. You feel the pressure of expectations from coaches and other parents, contrary to your own habits and convictions. What can parents do to balance these?
  • Is it ok to say, "Wait until your father gets home" when it involves disciplinary issues?
  • Is it possible to overdo Bible emphasis, church, religion and prayer in the home?
  • What do I do when my child categorically refuses to do something (piano lessons, a chore, etc.)?
  • We cannot get our youngest son (6 years) to eat vegetables. We have tried everything. Any ideas?
  • How can I be sure my child is ready for baptism?
  • How do you make the teachings about God attractive and not a burden to teens?
  • My child draws very dark images (ghosts, people getting cut up, etc.). He says it is cool. Should I be concerned?
  • My children complain that church is boring and say they do not want to go. What should I do?
  • What is an average age to shift to the mentor-parent stage? What is too early?
  • How can you protect children from the world?
  • Our two children (12 years/10 years) always fight. How do we help them get along better?
  • How do you encourage a teenager to serve the Lord when their way of life is not going in that direction?
  • Our child is 3 1/2 years old and refuses to wear underwear, preferring to stay in diapers. How do we toilet train him if he refuses?
  • Our child asked for a pet and promised to care for it. After several months this has become our responsibility because he neglects to do it. How do we get him to take charge of this pet once again?
  • Does "time-out" work with teenagers?
  • Our 12 year old daughter wants to date a 14 year old boy she has a crush on. How do we handle the situation without having her rebel against us?
  • How do we handle children who enjoy community sports and a society that does not consider worship/Bible study when schedules are set out?
  • How do you answer a teenager who does not want to attend Bible study with you?
  • How do you handle the desire to be over-protective of your children as an over-reaction stemming from rebelliousness in your own youth and/or the weaknesses you see in their character that resembles your own?
  • How do you respond to the statement, "Kids need to be free to explore and make their own mistakes/decisions" versus parental instruction?
  • How do you balance maintaining standards of moral behavior with you children in the midst of an unsaved family without being offensive?
  • How do I handle the "silent treatment" from my child?
  • I cannot stand when our kids are fighting (arguing) and it happens more and more. What can I do to reduce and change this behavior?
  • How do you get your children to listen and do what is asked of them, yet will listen to others and follow what they ask?
  • Our 10 year old daughter wants to be baptized. Should we wait or let her do it now?
  • When is a right time for them to start dating? Age? Maturity?
  • How much of the world do we let in?
  • What do you do if you suspect your child is using tobacco/drugs/alcohol?
  • At what age should we allow our child to have a phone/computer?
  • When is the best time to talk to your child about sex?
  • How do we deal with questions about masturbation?
  • How much information should we give our daughters about having a "period"? Should boys be informed about this?
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