Blind Love

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In the tenth chapter of his gospel, Mark describes a scene where Jesus heals a blind man who had been desperately calling out to Him for help. Once restored of his vision, the evangelist says that the man began to follows Jesus -- a person he had never even seen! This episode teaches us several valuable lessons about the Lord and His way of dealing with those who call on Him:

1. Jesus Responds To Sincere Requests For Help.

This man put his whole heart in calling out to the Lord. Even though he was considered unimportant in his society because of his handicap, Jesus heard his plea. The Lord will recognize a wholehearted prayer even if it comes from a frail or broken heart.

2. Jesus Doesn't Impose Himself.

Even though He miraculously healed this man's blindness, Jesus did not insist that he follow Him -- the miracle still left this person's free will intact. Jesus doesn't chase after followers. They must decide on their own to follow Him or not.

3. Jesus Is The True Gift.

The man's sight returned to him and this was a great gift. But the blind man's insight led him to pursue the true treasure in his life, and that was Jesus, Himself.

Regardless of our family's growth or material wealth that we can be grateful for at this time of year, let us not forget one sure thing: Seeing Jesus more clearly will always remain the most precious of blessings and the reason for our heartfelt thanksgiving.