The Best Things Are Free

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The fact that Solomon was the wisest man ever is not a conclusion drawn from reading his books, it is a declaration about him made by God (I Kings 3:10-13). The Lord gave Solomon a measure of wisdom that had never and would never be given again to mortal man. Solomon's experience teaches us several important lessons about wisdom itself:

1. Wisdom is a gift from God

Overarching wisdom is not attainable by study alone, although this is a common pursuit of those who possess wisdom. It is first and foremost a gift from above. Only the One above can provide the wisdom that comes from above.

2. Wisdom is available to all

Of course, Solomon had wisdom in the greatest measure among men, but that does not mean that a healthy portion of wisdom cannot still be attained. Solomon received it through prayer and this remains the way God bestows this blessing today - on those who ask, seek, and knock.

3. Wisdom is humbling

You can always spot the one who has received the gift of wisdom because it has turned their nature towards meekness. Great wisdom reveals the truth about life and our own weakness is usually the first truth to emerge.

Today everyone wants to be a Millionaire, or a Survivor, a recipient of their very own 15 minutes of fame. Solomon's experience teaches us that the finer things in this life are free and received through the faithful prayer of those who look to God to fill their lives with the best things.