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Look for the Rainbow

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The disastrous floods that ravage various parts of the world each year remind us of the catastrophic deluge that God once used to destroy the earth in the days of Noah.

When surveying the destruction also caused by mighty storms, tornados and hurricanes, it is not hard to understand how all life was wiped away on earth as the water from Noah's flood surged from the underground tributaries as well as the sky above (Genesis 7:11) and covered the entire world with literally a "mountain" of water for five months (Genesis 7:19-24)! Even though governments offer to help to deal with today's crisis, it cannot offer the three things that only God can give the victims of these tragedies:

  1. Only God can reassure them that despite their loss in material things, their spiritual treasures are safe with Him in heaven (Luke 12:33).
  2. Only God can provide the kind of strength that will not only see them through the ordeal but see them through with joy rather than bitterness and despair (James 1:2-4).
  3. Only God controls how and when the end of the world will come, not man (Genesis 7:11; II Peter 3:5-10).

The suffering that these people go through is great but like all times of difficulty, there will be a rainbow in the sky to signal that God puts a limit on suffering (even for unbelievers) and provides hope beyond suffering for those who trust in Him.

In the darkest moments, as believes we must always be looking for the rainbow.

Discussion Questions

  1. Have you ever experienced a natural tragedy (hurricane, fire, flood, etc.)? Explain.
  2. What Scripture would you use to comfort someone who experienced this kind of trauma? How would you comfort them?
  3. How would you answer a person who was blaming God for their loss of health, or a loved one, or their home in a fire, etc.?
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