Leviticus for Beginners

Training for Holiness

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Leviticus provides instructions concerning God's basic nature (holy) and how the Israelites then, and Christians today, should pursue this same state to which God calls all who wish to please Him.
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5. Attaining Holiness
Sin and Guilt Offerings - Part 1
This lesson reviews the requirements of the Sin Offering for the different types of people who present it.
Leviticus 4:1-5:13
6. Attaining Holiness
Sin and Guilt Offerings - Part 2
In this lesson we continue examining the type and significance of the guilt offerings as well as the manner in which the priests and Levites were supported.
Leviticus 5:14-7:10
7. Attaining Holiness
Peace Offerings and Summary - Part 3
This lesson examines the fifth of the sacrifices, the Peace offering, and reviews the five sacrifices as to their purpose, procedure and correlation to similar offerings to God in the Christian age.
Leviticus 7:11-38
8. A Consecrated Priesthood - Part 1
This lesson follows the step by step process Moses is given by God in order to initiate Aaron and his sons into the Jewish Priesthood and thus beginning the practice of the nation's sacrificial system as the basis of Jewish worship.
Leviticus 8:1-9:24
9. A Consecrated Priesthood - Part 2
This last lesson in the section on the priesthood focuses on two initial failures involving the priests and their duties as well as the consequences for each.
Leviticus 10:1-20
10. Attaining Holiness
Distinguishing Between Clean and Unclean
This lesson briefly reviews the various Laws concerning ritual purity and the procedures required to maintain that status and thus be allowed to come before God in worship.
Leviticus 11:1-15:33
11. Observing the Day of Atonement
Mike reviews and explains the instructions and procedure for observing the holiest day in the Jewish Religious calendar - Yom Kippur - the Day of Atonement.
Leviticus 16:1-34
12. Keeping the Moral and Spiritual Laws
Mike begins the second part of the book which details how the Jewish people were to maintain the holy status required of God's own nation.
Leviticus 17:1-20:27
13. Practicing Holiness
In this final lesson Mike reviews the priestly, national and personal regulations for holy living given by God and the rewards or punishments received for compliance or neglect.
Leviticus 21:1-27:34