Lessons on Leadership

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With some much attention focused on the new administration in Washington, I think it would be a good time to draw a few lessons on leadership from the Word. In I Chronicles 14:12 we read about David's military leaders waging a successful battle against the Philistines and taking some of the spoils including foreign idols. David forced them to destroy these objects because they violated God's commands.

They abandoned their gods there; so David gave the order and they were burned with fire.

In this brief episode we see several qualities to look for in leaders:

1. Good leaders know right from wrong

David showed the basic reason why he was a good leader – he was able to know when his followers made a bad choice and correct it. David didn't lead by polls or surveys, he led by following what was right.

2. Good leaders can make unpopular decisions

Even though his men might have revolted at the loss of their loot (not to mention the loss of face at being called to account for sin), David made the tough call. Leaders have to be ready to sacrifice popularity for the sake of principle.

3. Good leaders obey their leaders

Leaders who see themselves as the final authority, who refuse to humble themselves to reason or right often lead their people to destruction. David understood that God was his leader and he needed to submit to His leadership if he wanted to retain his own position.

The same principles exist today and when leaders understand these, they can look forward to long and successful leadership, and the people will enjoy peace and prosperity as a result.