The Conversation

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They talked endlessly. Since there was no need to express and explain, their communication moved beyond the speed of light, yet the time taken by the exchange was imperceptible.

However, the deconstruction of what was said would take much of history to unravel, but if we stopped the clock or slowed it down to hear the Divine Trialogue, these would be the points they considered.

"Let us make man," began the source of all things.

"Why?" came the dual response from the other two, not in a defiant tone but to confirm the necessity and purpose of such an added being.

"Love demands it," answered the Father.

"We have angels," the Spirit reasoned, "how would this man be different?"

"He would be created in our image but fashioned as a being that is a little lower than the angels and would possess absolute free will," mused the Ancient of Days.

"Why free will?" said the Son joining the conversation, "Won't this subject him to compromise as a free agent able to choose for himself apart from divine will and wisdom?"

At this point the Spirit spoke the truth concerning this whole matter when He said, "You cannot love without free will."

"But how will you ignite the operation of his free will and enable him to perceive our love in return?" pursued the Spirit. "His free will must be activated if he is to love us and permit himself to be loved by Us," He further added.

Here, the Father explained, "We will give him a law to kindle his free will and bring him to life as an independent form," to which the Spirit sadly replied, "He will sin, he will bring condemnation upon himself and infect those who come after him."

The Holy One, knowing this from the beginning, drew out the necessary plan that had to accompany the creation of man, "We will have to save him from his just condemnation due to sin. One of us will have to become as he is and offer His perfect human life as a payment for the debt man will owe Divine Justice," at which point the Son said, "Here am I, send me, Father."

Upon hearing this the Spirit argued, "Wait, considering the sacrifice required, why even do all of this? Are we not sufficient unto ourselves?" The answer they all knew immediately and equally was that creating man in this way was the right thing to do, the "rightest" thing to do considering the only three options available:

  • Not create man
  • Create man without free will
  • Create him with free will

Another voice, soft and subtle was then heard bringing the question, "What about those you will lose, won't this be an excuse to disbelieve and charge God with unfairness, even failure when it comes to man?"

"Death is the price for life, the created will have the choice to reject the creator and you, Lucifer, will forever be the example of this important reality," they spoke as One.

And so, to end the conversation the Father said, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness," and the divine dialogue with man was started.