Matthew for Beginners

This series provides an in-depth look at the most well-structured gospel record originally designed to address Jewish questions about Jesus but later used by the early church as a primer for new Christians.
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1. Introduction to Matthew's Gospel
  Prime   46m
2. The New Testament Canon
  Prime   39m
3. Beginnings of the Gospel
  Prime   39m
4. Sermon on the Mount
  Prime   41m
5. Jesus' Power
  Prime   37m
6. Names and Mission of the Apostles
  Prime   38m
7. Jesus Faces Skepticism
  Prime   44m
8. The Use of Parables in Jesus' Teaching
  Prime   36m
9. Ministry to the Masses, Ministry to the Few
  Prime   38m
10. Relationships in the Kingdom
  Prime   40m
11. Marriage - Divorce - Remarriage
  Prime   43m
12. Rejection and Judgement
  Prime   45m
13. From Passover to Communion
  Prime   36m