Matthew for Beginners

This series provides an in-depth look at the most well-structured gospel record originally designed to address Jewish questions about Jesus but later used by the early church as a primer for new Christians.

13 episodes

This introductory lesson will review the historical, political and social conditions that led up to and include the times in which this gospel record was written.
In this lesson we continue to examine background information about Matthew himself and a closer look at the purpose and structure of his book.
This lesson begins the comments and explanations of the material that Matthew lists in his opening narrative which include Jesus' genealogy, birth, escape to Egypt and return to Nazareth.
In this lesson we review the five main topics discussed by Jesus in His Sermon on the Mount.
In this section Matthew describes 3 amazing days in Jesus' busy life.
Matthew lists the names of those chosen by Jesus to be His special messengers, and reviews the instructions and warnings Jesus gives them before sending them out on their first solo mission.
Matthew describes the aggressive questioning Jesus would begin to draw from the Jewish religious leaders as His ministry progressed.
This lesson will examine the reasons why Jesus used parables in His teaching ministry and what rules we need to follow in order to understand their original meaning and how to draw applications from them today.
Jesus performs miracles for the crowds as well as private demonstrations of His power for His Apostles in order to strengthen their faith and prepare them for His own suffering and death on the cross.
In this passage Jesus will explain the nature of relationships that people have in the Kingdom and how to repair them when they are broken.
Matthew 19 contains key information about Jesus' teaching concerning marriage and divorce. This study tries to correct certain misunderstandings about what Jesus is actually saying about who is guilty or innocent in these situations.
In this lesson Mike examines Jesus' response to those who rejected Him. A response that will pronounce a judgement on the religious leaders of that time as well as a long prophetic discourse about the destruction of Jerusalem and His return at the end of the world.
In the final lesson of this series Mike will review the main events of Jesus' 'Passion' and focus in on the history of the Jewish Passover and its transition to the meal of remembrance that Christians around the world observe.