Galatians for Beginners

Freedom in Christ

The Galatian letter is Paul's response to those in every age who would try to tamper with the essential message of the Gospel: That salvation is obtained by faith, not law, and that freedom in Christ moves us to live by the Spirit of God, not the spirit of this world.
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1. Introduction & Outline
  Prime   36m
2. The Dangers of False Teaching
  Prime   38m
3. Chronology of the Apostle Paul's Life
  Prime   41m
4. Paul's Conversion and Commission
  Prime   33m
5. Paul Confronts Peter
  Prime   38m
6. Spirit and Power Through Faith
  Prime   24m
7. How Law and Faith Work Together
  Prime   34m
8. Freedom Through Faith
  Prime   39m
9. A Call to Live in Freedom
  Prime   36m