Galatians for Beginners

Freedom in Christ

The Galatian letter is Paul's response to those in every age who would try to tamper with the essential message of the Gospel: That salvation is obtained by faith, not law, and that freedom in Christ moves us to live by the Spirit of God, not the spirit of this world.

9 episodes

This first lesson in this series contains the background information on the history of the Galatian church, Paul's reason for writing this letter, and the general division of the topics that the Apostle addresses in his epistle to these people.
In this lesson Paul describes the false teaching that was being promoted by certain teachers at the Galatian church and the dangerous consequences that would result.
Paul recounts his own personal history of faith and early work as a missionary establishing churches throughout the Roman Empire. He also describes an important confrontation with another Apostle over the very issues that existed in the Galatian church.
Paul continues to describe his own conversion to Christianity from Judaism and his early contact with the Apostles at Jerusalem as a way of establishing his legitimacy as a teacher and Apostle.
Paul goes into detail describing the core idea of the gospel message, that we are saved by a system of faith and not by a system of law which the false teachers were promoting.
The Apostle rebukes and questions his readers for their foolish and dangerous attempt at returning to a system of law/works in order to obtain salvation and sanctification.
In this lesson Paul establishes the main argument of his letter to the Galatians, that spiritual blessings have always been obtained through a system of faith and not through a system of merit.
In this section Paul will explain how freedom, like all other spiritual blessings, is obtained through a system of faith and not law.
In his final appeal to the Galatian Christians, Paul encourages them to reject the soul-killing teachings of the Judaizers and live as free men according to the teachings of the Holy Spirit.