I Corinthians for Beginners

Paul's first letter to the Corinthian church deals with issues that continue to affect Christians to this day. In this epistle, the apostle addresses problems such as division in the church, sexual immorality, the proper use of spiritual gifts, the role of women in ministry and the importance of maintaining the authentic gospel message.
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1. The Foolishness of God
  Prime   35m
2. The Power of the Cross
  Prime   35m
3. Flee Fornication
  Prime   39m
4. Keeping the Lock in Wedlock
  Prime   38m
5. License to Love
  Prime   40m
6. Freedom Through Slavery
  Prime   36m
7. Veils: Custom or Command?
  Prime   37m
8. Unworthy Communion
  Prime   34m
9. Many Members - One Body
  Prime   38m
10. The Character of Love
  Prime   36m
11. The Purpose of Preaching
  Prime   41m
12. Order in Worship
  Prime   39m
13. Concerning the Collection
  Prime   35m
14. Victory in Jesus
  Prime   28m
15. Victory in Jesus
  Prime   30m