I Corinthians for Beginners

Paul's first letter to the Corinthian church deals with issues that continue to affect Christians to this day. In this epistle, the apostle addresses problems such as division in the church, sexual immorality, the proper use of spiritual gifts, the role of women in ministry and the importance of maintaining the authentic gospel message.

15 episodes

Paul demonstrates how tempting it is to use human methods to bring people to God instead of God's method which is the preaching of the gospel.
In this lesson, Paul reveals the true source of spiritual power for the growth of the church- the cross of Christ.
A lesson reviewing key Bible ideas about sexual immorality and Paul's warning about this subject to the Corinthians and by extension, to us today.
Paul addresses the problems connected with marriage, divorce, and remarriage.
In this lesson, Paul deals with the delicate issue of Christian liberty and how to deal with situations that required discretion.
Paul reminds the Corinthians of 4 areas where he has given up his freedom in order to guarantee the salvation of others.
A lesson designed to help the church discern God's will in the face of changing cultural norms.
Paul outlines proper conduct in public worship with regard to the Lord's Supper.
Paul demonstrates why the human body is the perfect figure to represent how the church functions and grows.
One of the most famous and quoted passages in the Bible describes the character of Christ's love.
In this lesson, Paul explains what is the proper use and purpose for the spiritual gifts they have received including the gift of preaching (prophecy).
A lesson teaching how the various spiritual gifts are to be used in a public worship setting.
One of the few Biblical teachings on the manner and purpose of financial giving as part of the worship service.
Paul describes the manner and result of the resurrection of the body - part 1.
Paul describes the manner and result of the resurrection of the body - part 2.