Why Does the Church of Christ Sing?
This lesson will review the Biblical foundation and historical record that establish vocal singing as the Spirit ordained manner of musical praise in public worship.
Why the Church of Christ
A Brief History of the Church of Christ in Quebec
This article goes through the History of the church in Quebec from the first Church of Christ planted in Montreal all the way to 2016.
Why Jesus Had to Resurrect
In the Church of Christ we have no "special" services for religious holidays like Easter but the fact that Easter Sunday is celebrated by many seems to motivate people to make an extra effort to be at church service at this time.
Good Morning and welcome to the Church of Christ. May God richly bless you for your dedication to worshipping Him.
Is Baptism Really Necessary?
It seems that sooner or later every idea in the Bible is challenged in one way or another. In this video blog we'll answer those who challenge the following type of questions: "Is it necessary to be baptized in order to be saved?" or "Is baptism really necessary for me to be a Christian?"
Preacher Count
It has long been held that preachers can't count. I suppose it's because they usually overestimate the size of attendance or count the unborn babies as present.
Every Tribe, Every Tongue
Keynote speech for the 2007 World Mission Workshop at Oklahoma Christian University. The main message is that it is the responsibility of each generation to evangelize the world and today it is possible through modern communication technology (i.e. Internet) to preach the gospel to every nation each day, all day long, until Jesus returns.
Revelation 5:9; 7:9
How to Correct Sinful Christians
Tongues Today - #1
Essentials of Salvation
Part 2
Acts 4:12
Essentials of Salvation
Part 1
People who are concerned with their souls don't want to risk losing salvation because of ignorance or neglect. They want to know what the essentials are.
Acts 4:12
Single Solutions
The cycle of worry, loneliness and depression can make the single life more difficult than it needs to be. In chapter 7 of I Corinthians, Paul talks to singles and provides them with some solutions to their particular problems.
I Corinthians 7:25-35