How to Build a Church Website

By Hal Gatewood Posted: Tue. Oct 22nd 2019
We're asked pretty regularly about websites for churches. Here are our recommendations for both.
Updated: March 2020

Website development has changed quite a bit in the past few years. The days of hiring a web developer to build you a basic informational site may well be gone. There are several high-quality website builders on the market to get you up and running quickly.

The main overall idea of the website builder software is that you have the information (text and pictures) about your church and they have the design (theme and layouts). You would plug your information into their design and call it a day. Here are some of the main builders I would recommend.

Website Builders

1. WordPress

The biggest platform on the web right now is called WordPress. It used to be just blogging but now is used to build websites and apps. If your tech person knows about hosting and setting up a website, they can download the software from and install it to a server for free. If they don't, you can go to and simply start the site without having to worry about hosting the site.

The most important thing about any website is having someone in place to keep it updated. So when choosing your platform, keep the ease of use in mind. WordPress offers a very clean and simple admin interface to update content. There are also tons of articles and video about how to manage your WordPress website out there.

To modify a WordPress site for church use, several WordPress themes and plugins have been created. Here are some to check out:

If you decide to go with WordPress, check out this great explainer article about building church websites with WordPress.

2. Squarespace

After WordPress, I would recommend Squarespace. They have great looking themes and the builder is user-friendly.

After those two I would look at:

There are actually a lot more options out there (big and small) but these seem to be the ones that keep rising back to the top.