Day #31

They church in Rome did not get along and much of this letter is dedicated to healing the faction between them.
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Today you will begin reading a new section of the Bible known as the Letters. These letters were all written to churches or individuals by God inspired men. That means men wrote the words down, but they were guided by the Holy Spirit. We are reading God's message when we read the Bible. Romans is the first of Paul's letters which we will be reading. The church in Rome was a mixture of Jews and Romans (referred to as Gentiles in the Bible). They did not get along. Much of this letter is dedicated to healing the faction between them.


Paul is writing this around 56 A.D., several years before he was arrested and transported to Rome. Read Romans 1-5 to get started this morning.


Paul acknowledges that the invisible qualities of God "have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse" (Romans 1:20). There truly is no excuse for not acknowledging that God is real and active in our world. We can see the evidences of His creation. You should be familiar with the evidences that prove God's existence. Even if you do not have any doubts about God's existence, you will be in contact with others who do. It is needful for you to have a basic understanding of the arguments proving that God does exist. Your assignment for today is to find more information on this subject and read up on it. On Day Thirty-four you will have an assignment to record your findings.

Romans is a rich book. You will only have three days to read it this time through the Bible, but you should study it more intensely later on. Romans spells out the basic scheme of redemption for mankind. It describes man's lost condition, the need for salvation and the way salvation is obtained.