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Training for Eternity
Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.
Religious Education
How many people here went to Catholic school as children? I ask this because I want to see how many people here today can relate to my own experience growing up in Montreal and going to Catholic school. One of the features of my early education was the presence of religious training.
Circle of Salvation
This week I had the great joy of baptizing my youngest daughter, Emilie. She is the last of my children to obey the gospel and with her baptism the circle of salvation is complete around our family.
40. Guarding Against Greed
51. Promised / Not Promised
I remember Christmas disappointments; left-winger equipment instead of goalie equipment; toboggan instead of pool table... Anybody remember theirs? The problem many times as children is that we are not clear on what was promised.
30. The Rod of Discipline
26. What is Maturity?
35. She was a Good Dog
1. Characteristics of Adult Learners
Adults are more attuned to comfortable surroundings, more sensitive and reactive to discomfort. Teachers must do what they can to compensate for these differences as best they can.
The Qumran Community
Creators of the Dead Sea Scrolls
This article will investigate the origins and customs of this "monastic" and ultra conservative sect of Jews from whom we have a priceless treasure (Dead Sea Scrolls), scriptural transcripts representing the greatest archeological find in the modern era.
The Intimate Marriage
After 45 years of ministry and pastoral marriage counseling, I have noticed a common pattern among couples who struggle with sexual issues in their marriage, especially after the ten-year mark.