Faithful in Little Things

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The shooting deaths of the Amish girls in the U.S. has brought into much sharper focus what Jesus meant when He said that those who are faithful in small things are faithful in greater things as well (Luke 16:10). We are usually so wrapped up in our own world of people and pursuits that we lose sight of what really counts when it comes to serving God. Then a madman murders innocent little girls and our Christianity seems so small in comparison.

As I read about their final moments where the older girls asked the killer to shoot them first in a bid to save the younger ones, I felt a pang of guilt for the times I complained to God for some minor offense someone had caused me. Learning about how the victims' families reached out in love and forgiveness towards the murderer's wife (even including her in the funeral) made the petty quarrels I see among brethren seem so unworthy and fleshly in comparison.

The courage and faith of these children in the face of death made me wonder how we would do in their place.

Could we give up our lives to save another for Christ's sake when simply making time to worship the Lord is a challenge? Would we reach out in love to our child's killer when reaching across the aisle to shake an offensive brother or sister's hand is too much for our pride to overcome?

God prepares martyrs with small acts of death to self each day. I wonder if the way we do the small things now would enable us to give Him our everything should He require it of us in the future. I guess we already know the answer now don't we.