Poster Child

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Yet another teen-age funeral to keep the pundits hard at work. Santana's tragedy provides more grist for America's cottage industry of blame and political posturing.

A flood tears will be shed and yet, they still don't get it - "…the wage of sin is death" Romans 6:23.

The saddest part of all is that only a few will learn the truth. Only a handful will understand that without God's word as a standard for life and Christ as a reason for hope, there is no reason for hope or for life.

Columbine's "trench-coat nihilists" are having the last laugh with the unbelievers and that's what has them in a bind.

We used to show slides of mud huts and naked toddlers to raise money for missions. Our new poster children should be the injured and dead bodies wheeled out of American schools every few weeks. Maybe then the connection between the gospel and our condition would become more apparent.

Maybe then we'd become a little more urgent with the message.