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A Matter of Choice

Becoming a disciple of Jesus is a choice. If we choose wisely then we enter a relationship with God. If we choose poorly, we reject God and suffer the consequences of lost hope. In this lesson we explain how we wisely use the gift of choice to learn more about God, trust God, and obey God. The lesson demonstrates choosing faith by showing how Peter gained, weakened, and regained his faith and how Judas Iscariot chose to misdirect and lose faith.

Discussion Questions

  1. Explain the interaction of the three elements of faith: Knowing God, Trusting God, Obeying God.
  2. How did the apostles demonstrate the three elements of faith in their journey to becoming more faithful and how does this apply to us?
  3. Explain how Peter gained, weakened, and regained his faith, and how does this mirror our faith walk?
  4. Explain how Judas' faith was misdirected and lost and what is the warning for us?
  5. Explain how the ability to choose is a gift from God and how we should use it to put our faith in action?