What is the Greeter's Role?

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The Greeter's Ministry

1. Greet at every service

  1. 9:30 AM Sunday – Greet mostly members.
  2. 10:30 AM Sunday – Best time for visitors
  3. 5:00 PM Sunday – Greet mostly members
  4. 7:00 PM Wednesday – Greet mostly members

Even members need a warm welcome, handshake, and a hug. Greeter ministry is also an encouragement ministry.

2. Be aware of resources and info for both visitors and members

  • Info packs and welcome bread for visitors.
  • Sign-up sheets, info on location for drop-off items as well as details for funerals and weddings.

3. Bad weather preparations/Emergencies

  • Umbrellas and teen volunteers to walk in visitors and members on rainy days.
  • Steps cleared and salted down on snowy or icy days.
  • Mats cleared and set properly to avoid trip hazards.
  • Know where emergency equipment is stored.
  • Prepared to assist security team if the building needs evacuating.

4. Visitor Info

  • Ask visitor to fill out attendance card and leave it at guest services desk. Explain blue card.

Greeter Ministry Coordinator Responsibilities

  1. Present at all services (normally).
  2. Maintain Greeter Volunteer List.
  3. Prepare greeter schedule for duty times and provide Tina with schedule for card mail-out.
  4. Confirm that scheduled greeters will be present for their duty times and use fill-ins if necessary.
  5. Assure that all "greeter supplies" are on hand:
    • Welcome bread
    • Info packets
    • Sign-up sheets
    • Umbrellas
    • Etc.
  6. Recruit and train volunteer greeters.
  7. Confirm that elders/ministers are aware of visitors who have filled out attendance cards for purpose of follow-up.
  8. Many new homes and people moving to Choctaw area. Visitors are a great source of potential growth.
    • Marty – Mature couples /members from elsewhere
    • Titus – families with children
    • Jon – singles, widows, unmarried


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