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Playing it Safe
In this day of roller coaster markets and the threat of entire nations collapsing because of financial downturns, it's easy to get into the "play it safe" mindset.
Recipe for a Successful Career
Part 2 of a 3 part series looking at the ingredients for success in the family as well as the pursuit of satisfying and rewarding careers.
Rock Throwing
The Old Testament law stated that in capital offenses, the primary witness was to cast the first stone at the point of execution. (Deut. 17:7) In the story of the woman caught in adultery (John 8:1-11) Jesus refers to this point of law when addressing the woman's accusers, however He reverses the rules for this occasion.
Psalm of Suffering
In Psalm 6, David the king of Israel, goes through a range of emotions as he suffers from an undisclosed illness.
Soft Rebellion
There are no new arguments in the effort to expand women's role in the church to include those tasks that have traditionally been given to men. Some women want to lead prayer as well as teach and preach in public assemblies and find sup...
Seniors and Sin
In Genesis 27 we read the story of how Isaac's attempt to bless Esau (against God's will) was foiled by Rebekah's devious intervention. Isaac's disobedience and Rebekah's scheming demonstrate that even in old age, as they were, it is possible to fall into serious sin.
Counterfeit Christmas
Where do they get these guys? I was listening to a National Public Radio discussion in the car recently where 3 "experts" we're parsing the latest pronouncement from the new Pope.
The 10 Stages of Motherhood
Every parent looks forward to the day when their child will truly understand what being a parent is all about
What 60+ Years Has Taught Me
My birthday was in April and with each celebration I see more clearly some of the basic realities of my life.
7 Lessons from a 7 Day Cold
I have happily recovered from a nasty cold that never seemed to end. The experience led me to think about some very basic things that even the common cold can teach us.
Faithful in Little Things
The shooting deaths of the Amish girls in the U.S. has brought into much sharper focus what Jesus meant when He said that those who are faithful in small things are faithful in greater things as well (Lk.16:10).
Modesty is Always in Style
They say that if you keep your clothes long enough they'll come back into style. I guess the idea is that style is ever changing but never very new.
Polite Conversation
One of the more subtle mistakes we make in our spiritual lives is to substitute polite conversation for heartfelt prayer with God. Polite conversation tends to review the things we know God likes to hear; praise for His kindness, petition for our needs, a reference to others and their needs.
What's in a Name?
The first step in sanitizing immoral behavior usually begins by giving it a new name. This allows its proponents an opportunity to redefine the activity without constant reference to the image created by the previous term.
Grandparent's Day
September 8th is "Grandparents' Day" according to the flower and gift industry. Certainly grandparents are worthy of a bouquet or an outing at the Golden Corral, but if we really want to please them, how about some things that would truly make a difference in their lives?
Spiritual Security
There has been much talk concerning Social Security that has a lot of folks in a lather. The government is suggesting a variety of ways to save it or make it more viable.
Ten Ways To Become A Better Husband
Recently the men who attended our "Married Men Support Group" were asked to suggest ways that men could improve as husbands. Below is a sampling of some ideas that were brought forth.
Little Pumpkin
I made my mother laugh. Not just a quiet smile or chuckle, but a stomach cramping, bent over, shriek of laughter that came in waves of delirious joy that caused her to smile and laugh all over again long after the initial surge was gone. This was quite a feat for an 82-year-old woman with stage-one Alzheimer's disease!
So You Want To Be A Missionary?
I have often been asked by young people considering becoming missionaries what they will "need" in order to get into full-time work. Of course, they are usually thinking in terms of education or money but after 25 years of ministry experience I can say that these are not the things that will guarantee success in these endeavors.
The Passion As Witness
In the book of Acts we read repeatedly about the power of the Holy Spirit being displayed in mighty ways. Men spoke unknown languages by His power (Acts 2:1-4) and others were struck dead for daring to lie to the Holy One without fear (Acts 5:1-11).
The Celebrity Pope
Pope Francis has good teeth. I noticed this about him in a picture connected with his recent visit to the U.S. This is as it should be for one who strives to be the new face of the Catholic church witnessed by the carefully choreographed Papal appearances in New York and other cities recently.
Senior Moments
Senior "moments" usually refer to bouts of forgetfulness that seem to overtake all of us as we grow older. However, these moments can also refer to insights and lessons that come if you have been around for a while.
Who's Your Person?
As Christians, we are our brother's keeper whether we realize it or not. How we care for each other in society, family or the church is a true measure of our moral health.
Planning for Death
The news of the passing of famous people reminds us once again that in the end we all must die, even celebrities.