To Be Happy Again

February, 1999
1 minute read

"How happy are the people whose God is the Lord", David commented during the zenith of his reign as the king of a nation whose heart and soul were devoted to God. How sad it is that there isn't a leader on earth who can make this declaration today, including here in the USA?

America is richer than it's ever been. It is the only "super" power in the world and it enjoys unparalleled freedom. But America is not happy. We eye the erratic state of the stock market as even our wealth makes us nervous. We are hungry in the time of plenty because our belly is full but our soul is near empty.

The collective turn away from God's word as the standard for law and conduct has enabled our society to enjoy sin for a season, but that season is soon passing. The wage of sin is death, Paul tells us in Romans 6:23, and we shouldn't think that the time for our suffering will delay because we have enjoyed a long period of disregard for God's ways.

Oh, for a leader who would lead us back to the Lord! Oh, for a leader who would call on the Lord to lead us once more! Oh, to be a happy nation again!