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Presidential Privilege
There Will Never be a Cure
Former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, boldly declared that a cure for AIDS will one day be found. This statement, along with the financial endorsement of Bill and Melinda Gates, had the delegates at the recent International Aids Conference in Toronto cheering.
Everybody Dies
They say that famous people die in groups of three. This week has lent credence to this social phenomenon as former U.S. President Gerald Ford; R and B singer James Brown; and deposed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein have all died within days of each other.
To Be Happy Again
"How happy are the people whose God is the Lord", David commented during the zenith of his reign as the king of a nation whose heart and soul were devoted to God. How sad it is that there isn't a leader on earth who can make this declaration today, including here in the USA?
What Now?
The question of the week has been "What should the President do now?" As most of you know, there's been no shortage of speculation about this issue from the "Beltway" in Washington to kitchen tables across the land. Of course, this is an impossible question for anyone to answer because only on man can make the decision and that is Mr. Clinton, himself.
The Good Idea of America
​In July of 1776 the American Congress approved the Declaration of the Independence of the 13 United States of America. One of the key figures behind the Declaration was Thomas Jefferson, whose writing in "Defense of Liberty and Rights of Man" was the intellectual force behind the Revolution.
Deacons: Men of Dignity and High Standing
This lesson will examine the role and qualifications of the men who serve as deacons in the local church.
In God We Trust
If we're going to trust anything, then we need to trust in God.
Regular Worship
Let's look at the bigger picture that God has designed for New Testament worship.
Religious Education
How many people here went to Catholic school as children? I ask this because I want to see how many people here today can relate to my own experience growing up in Montreal and going to Catholic school. One of the features of my early education was the presence of religious training.
In Case of War
If we understand the times and circumstances correctly, the time for war has come upon us and as Christians we need to be prepared for this fact.
1. The Preaching of Jesus
Perhaps in examining Jesus' style and approach to this glorious work we can become more of what all of us seek to be, like Him.
Matthew 5:1-2
Common Ground
Lessons on Leadership
With some much attention focused on the new administration in Washington, I think it would be a good time to draw a few lessons on leadership from the Word.
Soft Rebellion
There are no new arguments in the effort to expand women's role in the church to include those tasks that have traditionally been given to men. Some women want to lead prayer as well as teach and preach in public assemblies and find sup...
27. How Important is 1 Vote?
Sometimes when we listen to the news and they talk about the number of people there are in the world and the magnitude of the problems, we feel rather insignificant.
Kissing Up
The Celebrity Pope
Pope Francis has good teeth. I noticed this about him in a picture connected with his recent visit to the U.S. This is as it should be for one who strives to be the new face of the Catholic church witnessed by the carefully choreographed Papal appearances in New York and other cities recently.
The Unholy Blessing of Same-Sex Marriage
A review of the progress of the same-sex marriage crusade along with what this means for Christians going forward.