The End of Islam?

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The recent attack on the U.S. by Mid-Eastern extremists have many alarmed that the impact of this event signals the ascent of Islam as a dominant and unstoppable religious idea in the world. This vicious episode, however, may actually point to the opposite reality for the many followers of Mohammed.

The Muslim clerics who trained and formed the zealous fanaticism of these terrorists are railing against a modern world that threatens their ideal of an Islamic theocracy that may have been possible a thousand years ago but not today. America, even in the post-Christian era, continues to embody the main threat to Islam's world vision and witnesses against their inability to adapt the religion of the Koran to a constantly changing world.

Some may fear the extreme violence embraced by these people, but their actions only demonstrate their underlying desperation.

The effort at igniting a cultural Armageddon in order to establish their religious domination from the ashes will only serve to alienate Muslims from one another and accelerate the already diminishing relevance and viability of their belief system. In retrospect, this day may prove to be the beginning of the end of Islam and not the glorious gate to Paradise these poor lost souls hoped to see.