The 3 R's in Labor Day

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The last thing we want to do on the Labor Day weekend is think about "work." But before we leave for the lake or start on the Labor Day project, let's spend a moment reviewing a few main ideas that the Bible has about our work that might be helpful when we get back to the job after the holiday is over.

1. There Is Time For Work

Solomon reminds us that there is a time for everything, including work. Some people think that life is work and that everything else is an interruption. There are probably those who resent Labor Day because it prevents them from being on the job! Sacrificing rest and worship is no way to improve productivity.

2. A Day's Work for A Day's Pay

The Bible says, "The workman is worthy of his hire." Luke 10:17. Nothing is more motivating in the area of labor than to be treated fairly. This works both ways -- employers always know when their workers are not "earning" their pay, and employees quickly lose heart with employers who refuse to share the profits created by their hard labor. When employees and employers work to profit each other -- all are blessed.

3. Don't Be "Selfishly" Employed

A basic principle throughout the Bible is that no one ever worked simply for himself. Work and profit was from God but the purpose for work was to bless others not just self. Our primary objective in work is supplying the needs of our own family but God always wants us to bear in mind that we, "… have something to share with him who has need." Ephesians 4:28. Nothing guarantees the success of our labor like our generosity towards those who are poor.

Sure, it's a holiday weekend, just keep in mind the 3 R's for Labor Day this year.