The recent storms that spawned at least a dozen tornadoes across the state of Oklahoma in the U.S. also sparked a spike in some peoples' faith. I don't doubt the sincerity of folks who were "thankful to God" for being safe through the killer winds but I sometimes wonder where that faith lies when skies are blue and the weather is calm. I suppose that it's human nature to look towards heaven when times get rough and then forget our moment of faith after the storm has passed but this type of "twister faith" has the following consequences:

1. It insults God

How would you feel if the only time your child called or referred to you was to get him out of trouble? God is patient with us because we are weak but this type of attitude is an imposition on His grace which adds insult to ingratitude.

2. It undermines sincere prayer

Who knows when we will truly be in need of prayer for the many trials that come about in everyone's life? Forgetting God's presence in our lives once we're safe from harm dilutes the sincerity of our faith in Him and thus renders our prayer life for all things meaningless.

3. It robs us of joy

Prayer guides and strengthens our personal relationship with God.

It is this relationship that creates peace and contentment in our hearts, a feeling that cannot be produced by the reactionary prayer born of fear. "Twister" religion can get you through a few minutes of danger, but it will never be able to build that spiritual shelter where you can feel safe at all times.