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If you've purchases your father's day gift, this article is not for you. The other 99% listen up. Here's a little help to choose for the hardest man to shop for – dad.

1. A good book

Dads need to be lifted up with noble ideas but rarely shop for books. Save them the trouble. (7 seasons of a man's life by Patrick Moreley is a good one.)

2. A favorite mean

Men like food and if it's his favorite, he'll really appreciate it.

3. A token of obedience

You can give your father no great gift than the reassurance (in written form) that you will do your best to obey him.

4. A quiet day

Bill Cosby says that dads just want quiet! Work together to arrange some quiet time for him.

5. A loving moment

Men were husbands before they were fathers. There's no more special gift than to make the time to share an intimate moment with him.

6. A moment of prayer

When was the last time the family prayed for dad? Fathers carry heavy responsibilities and need God's help. Let dad know you're praying for him.

7. A new toy

Let's face it, men are boys at heart. Socks are no fun, ties don't qualify as toys. If you're going to buy, make sure it's a gadget or it can be plugged into 110 volts to operate.

Above all, fathers need sincerity from their families. Don't just humor him, really show him some respect on this and every other day of the year.