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The Preacher's Wife
She is not appointed but expected to serve, rarely mentioned but ever present. I speak, of course, of the minister's wife
Preacher Count
It has long been held that preachers can't count. I suppose it's because they usually overestimate the size of attendance or count the unborn babies as present.
Total Pointlessness
Tom Whittaker, a mountaineer who lost his leg in a 1979 car accident, continues to climb challenging slopes with the help of a special prosthesis. When interviewed recently he said, "One of the things that really attracts me to mountaineering is its total pointlessness. So I've dedicated my life to it."
Christian is a Christian
Four Questions to Ask Before Baptizing a Child
I recently baptized our eldest grandson, Christian. He is nine years old and because of his age I had some hesitation before going ahead with his baptism.
God Given Rights
The recent trend in education and politics to remove any mention of God or the Bible is really a subtle attack on individual rights and freedoms.
Christian Worship in 150 AD
Justin Martyr was a Samarian Christian who lived in the second century. He was a Platonist philosopher who was converted to Christianity and became a strong defender of the faith. In one of his works, "Apology of the Christian Religion", written in around 150AD, he describes a typical Christian worship service of that day.
Ali's Final Weigh-In
Recently, ex-boxing champ Muhammad Ali died, and the media is filled with praise for both his athletic accomplishments, which are richly deserved, and his "social activism."
Preaching or Meddling?
The oldest joke about preachers is that when they begin to deal with our true bad habits and sins in their sermons, we say that "they've gone from preaching to meddling".
The Origin of The Bible
This article looks at the history of writing and examines how the Bible originated and closes with information on how the Old Testament was organized.
Duck Dilemma
The duck people have gone and done it now. The patriarch of reality television's Duck Dynasty has actually shared his Christian perspective on the subject of homosexuality with a reporter for trendy GQ magazine.
Why Wait For Eternal Life
Jesus said, "And this is eternal life, that they may know Thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom Thou has sent," (John 17:3).
Parable of the Cork
Don't let the weight of sin keep you from coming back to Christ
Surviving the Opposition's Candidate
According to the pundits, the possible presidency of either candidate would be the final step in the destruction of this nation. This election has so polarized the American people that each side views the other as the agent of the apocalypse should the other's candidate ascend to the top position in the land...
From Zero to Faith
How does one go from having no faith to having complete faith? OK I have faith, now what? These are the questions we discuss in this video blog.
Reward and Punishment
When I was in Junior High my English teacher taught our class how to write a "precis". A precis is a shortened version of an essay or article that maintains the meaning of the original piece of writing.
Humble Beginning
It is interesting to note that Judah, the man from whose human lineage Jesus would eventually come, was born under questionable circumstances. His mother, Leah, was given by trickery in marriage as a substitute for her sister, Rachel. She conceived, but not in love, and struggled with her sister for the affections of their common husband.
Common Vs. Holy
Ezekiel outlines the duties of the newly appointed priests and he says that one of their tasks was to teach the people the difference between what is holy and what is common; what is clean and unclean.
School Daze!
The Bible doesn't mention the back to school experience but there are a couple of principles that might make the experience a little smoother for both. Try reading these to each other.
Love's Goodbye
In my job as a minister I have watched many people die. As awful as this sounds, there is a sameness to the process that, with time...
The Scent of Christmas
They say that smell is attached to memory and I believe it. My parents have been dead for years and yet they are brought to mind most readily through my sense of smell.
FAQs on Prayer
Here are a few commonly asked questions regarding the act of praying.
Power of Love
I saw Mohammed Ali making an appearance on TV the other day. He was frail and shaky, a victim of Parkinson's disease. His spokesperson said the former champ was here to promote love and unity and Ali's eyes lit up when the kids approached to hug him and shake his hand - a response of love.
Angry Words
There's a lot of misunderstanding about how a Christian should deal with anger issues. In this blog we look at how Christians can deal with anger issues.
Too Busy?
In our fast paced society it is often difficult to determine the difference between busy and too busy. The following 7 statements should help busy people (especially Christians).