Drive-Thru Religion

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I remember reading about a church that met at a drive-in movie lot. People would park, clip on the speakers, and honk to say "Amen". I don't think there's a trend here but this is a good example of the "drive-thru religion" mentality.

Drive-thru religion is for people who don't have the church as a final destination; they're just on their way to somewhere else and picking up some religion for the road.

This weekend is Easter Sunday when the world focuses on the resurrection of Jesus. If there is one thing that God teaches us here, it's that Jesus wasn't just passing through. He didn't simply appear, give a word of encouragement and leave. From the beginning of the world, His death and resurrection were to be the final destination.

Here's the point: if God made our salvation the focal point of Jesus' life, we should make Jesus the focal point of our lives!

Hopefully the resurrection will remind us that this world is the real drive-thru and when you come to church -- you're home!