Not Guilty

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I knew the moment she said, "Not Guilty," that this trial was an emotional loser. Had Mr. Simpson been found guilty (football hero, movie nice guy, etc.) was going to spend a lifetime in prison. The "not guilty" decision left me feeling anguish for the victims and their families.

Ignoring the issues is impossible so I share with you some thoughts held privately until this case was decided.

1. Don't Speculate - Pray!

The temptation is to continue to chew on this thing until we feel satisfied. I don't believe this will happen. It will be more profitable if we pray for the victims' families and friends, pray for Mr. Simpson and his own. Peace will come from prayer, not the "answers" the media provides.

2. Have Confidence in God's Justice.

If justice has been just in this case, then God will help all who have suffered innocently to bear under. If it has been denied, God will be the final judge -- no one escapes His justice.

3. Be Thankful for the Trial.

Not for the theatrics but that there is a system that attempts to administer justice. God is the one who has established the principles of law (Genesis 9:6, Romans 13:1-7) and when it operates, it is a sign that the nation is still in synch with God's system. It isn't administered perfectly but the Bible says that,

...all have fallen short of the glory of God
- Romans 3:23

I suppose that includes the justice system as well.

In the end, I realize that this trial was a preview of the judgment to come. We'll all feel the anxiety of waiting for the verdict to be pronounced, knowing that the sentence will be eternal life and not just a matter of years. How blessed are the ones, who know ahead of time that our judge will say, "NOT GUILTY."