Loss of the Cross

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As many of you already know, the courts have ordered the city of Edmond to remove the cross symbol from their city seal. This action, in a town where the church is quite numerous, should teach us a few important lessons for the future:

1. There's a Time to March

It seems that we're so afraid of being labeled as reactionaries that we don't react to anything – even when someone comes in and insults our Lord. We should suffer persecution with humility but I think our silence on this issue was interpreted more as indifference than meekness.

2. It's Not About Winning

Some may have felt that making a public protest or marching to city hall would have been futile because "they" were going to win anyway. But it's not about winning – it's about what's right and the cross as part of the heritage and spirit of these people was right historically, socially and morally. Perhaps the issue might have been lost but people (the entire country in this case) would have seen that Christians will stand up for what's right regardless of winning or losing.

3. Today the Seal, Tomorrow the Church

The people who attempted to remove the cross would probably remove the church if there was a legal way of going it. Their best weapon for this is our complacency, not slick lawyering. If the symbol of Christ can be removed this easily, it may give them the idea that Christians are not willing to fight for what the cross represents either.

We need to wake up to the fact that this business is not over. These people are just regrouping and deciding what to take from us next.