Jerry's Kids

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If there's a TV in the restaurant, chances are that it's blaring out the Jerry Springer show at noon. Whether it's Pizza Hut or Tasty Burger, people are tuning in to the lunch time slug-fest each day as part of their midday routine.

Of course everybody claims to find the people, their coarse language and behavior, repugnant. But it seems that more and more Americans are being offended by Jerry and his crew as this program has reached #1 status in daytime TV.

As a curious observer I see this phenomena of trial by TV as an attempt to find justice, forgiveness, and restitution in a world where these things are denied them. As a Christian I see this as simply another attempt by people to circumvent the place of God in their lives.

Instead of confessing their sins to the Lord and searching His word for the solutions to their relationship problems, they opt for a public venting of emotions. Instead of seeking reconciliation through patience, forgiveness and kindness, they exacerbate their problems with inflammatory accusations, bad language and public humiliation.

In the end I'm not sure who is worse for the experience. The participants who mortally damage themselves without realizing it, or the viewers who applaud their demise without a trace of shame or regret.