The 10 Stages of Motherhood

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Every parent looks forward to the day when their child will truly understand what being a parent is all about. In the meantime we can only salute our mothers who seem so amazing when we are finally old enough to appreciate them. With this in mind let's review the 10 stages of motherhood as seen through the eyes of her child:

Stage #1 - 4 years old, "My Mommy can do anything!"
Stage #2 - 8 years old, "My Mom knows a lot! A whole lot!"
Stage #3 - 12 years old, "My Mother doesn't really know quite
Stage #4 - 14 years old, "Mom doesn't know that, either."
Stage #5 - 16 years old, "My Mother? She's clueless."
Stage #6 - 18 years old, "That old woman?!"
Stage #7 - 25 years old, "Well, she might know a little bit about it!"
Stage #8 - 35 years old, "Before we decide, let's get Mom's opinion."
Stage #9 - 45 years old, "Wonder what Mom thinks about it?"
Stage #10 - 65 years old, "Wish I could talk it over with Mom."

Happy Mother's Day to all!