Keep Climbing!

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Our youth group recently went on a hiking and rock climbing trip. Nineteen teenagers scurrying up a mountain with two guides and a middle-aged preacher making sure nobody fell – it wasn't a pretty sight.

We began with an easy hike, but as we approached the top it became more difficult to find a crevice or crag to allow each climber to move ahead. Every time the group would be stalled at some level however, the guides would say "keep climbing!" and an opening or foothold would appear and we would push on, finally making it to the summit.

The opening up of our path reminded me of the fact that God always provides a way up the mountains in our lives. At times the mountain might be the grief we feel over the loss of a loved one or the challenge of a new job, a family problem, or lack of money. Whatever the climb – God always provides a grip, a foothold, a ledge to allow us to keep going again so we can make it to the top.

When the kids and I reached our goal we were filled with wonder at the beauty of the view. I am persuaded that if we keep looking for the footholds of faith that God provides for us each day, we too will rejoice when we conquer the mountains in our lives. Keep climbing!