Be All You Can Be

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The military's catchy recruiting slogan is, "Be all you can be." The call is to achieve your utmost potential.

This would not be a bad thing if it weren't for the fact that our society aims for things that are so small. We spend much of our energy to win trophies for games, or the title for being the "fastest" or "strongest". Doesn't it strike us as odd that the race to be the best doesn't necessarily make us "better" as people?

A telling sign of our immaturity is the amount of space given in the media to the recent tragedy in Central America. The worst natural disaster in the Western Hemisphere (10,000 dead, 1 million homeless) and most outlets gave equal or greater coverage to the NBA players' strike than the plight of these people.

At a time like this it would be better for us to strive to become world champion aid givers rather than gold medal stick and ball heroes. You see, when we come before the Lord in judgement, He'll be looking for our names in the Lamb's Book of Life, not the Guinness' Book of Records.

Let's not just be the best we can be in games and self-serving enterprises. Let's be the best Christians we can be so we can receive a crown that will survive the fire to come.